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The Box Story ‘Martini’ Edition for May 2017 : NEW box in town!

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Hey everyone!

Today‘s post is all about the newest subscription box in town, straight from Bangalore!

‘The Box Story’ boxes are a variety of monthly curated luxury boxes under 3 different categories. Take your pick according to your interests!

Price:  Lush ‘Martini’ Box costs INR 1999 per box

Product Description: Ultimate Treasure Trove for people who love indulging in the latest trends and love surprises. These are fashion stories curated with products you will fall in love with at first sight!!


  •  My Experience: The Box Story is a new start up in the field is subscription boxes. They have 3 broad categories, with 2 sub categories under each category! I would need a flow chart to explain this better but here’s an attempt!
  • Tipsy : For book and stationary lovers
      • Pina Colada : INR 1099
      • Screw Driver : INR 1999
  • Lush :For fashion and beauty lovers
  1. Tropical Sunset : INR 1099
  2. Martini : INR 1999
  • High :For high end cosmetics lovers
  1. Cinderella : INR 1999
  2. Velvet Shots : INR 3999

As mentioned, there are different price ranges to choose from within each category.

Apart from these, they also have Special Edition boxes every now and then.

This is their first month and the first editions of the boxes for the month of May are slowly trickling into the market.

The box that I chose is the Martini box. The box came in a big cardboard package. All the products were wrapped nicely in a bright yellow craft paper with a welcome note. The products were snug in a huge pile of red, wriggly, worm confetti! There was no leaflet providing information about the products.


  • Tea Light Lamp: A cone shaped, tea light metal alloy lamp for hanging indoors or outdoors with a beautiful Moroccan inspired cut-out design. Depending on where you purchase it from, prices of such things can vary. But I bet you can find it in a flea market near you in under INR 700-800 bucks.
  • Bag of Flavored Chocolates/ INR50: Chocolates filled with gooey pomegranate centres. They are indeed quite delicious and I assure you, they were finished even before I started typing this post!
  • Lakme Absolute Plump & Shine Lip Gloss in the shade Cherry Shine/INR 450 : These are lip glosses with decent ratings on Nykaa & Amazon, although I have not used them personally. Frankly, my days of using lip glosses are long gone. I much prefer lipsticks now. However, if you like shiny, glittery lip glosses then you would love this. This is a summery, peachy orange shade with chunks of orange and gold glitter.
  • Lakme Face Wash/INR 99: This a gel face wash with pomegranate extracts. It smells quite fruity and does a decent job of cleansing the face.
  • MUA Mascara in shade number 4/INR700: This is chocolate brown mascara with a wand that broke in my hand when I first tried to pull it out! Nevertheless, I stuck it back with glue. The wand is made of stiff bristles, with a tapering shape. I suppose it would be good at lengthening but not much for volumizing. I believe brown mascara looks good on blondes with light colored lashes. I don’t think it would really give much drama to my jet b lack lashes.
  • NOTE Nail Enamel in the shade Nectar/INR 180: This is a Turkish brand of cosmetics making its foray into Indian markets recently. The nail enamel has a gel-like quality to it and paints the nails evenly with no air bubbles. The finish is a glossy crème, that requires 2 coats for opaque pigmentation. I appreciate the wide bristled brush for one-stroke application.
  • MultiColor Pom Pom Earrings : Pom Pom and tassle earrings are quite in trend right now and this particular style is quite a hot-seller on Amazon currently. The price on web is around INR 200 after discount. I think I would be wearing these danglers on a beach vacation!

That’s all the stuff I got in my first ever Martini Box!

Over all, I do like some of the things I received; however, the variety has greatly disappointed me. I don’t know which product of all these would you call ‘luxury’ items. In this case, the approximate cost of products I received is about INR2500 but there is NOTHING luxurious about any of those. And most of these products are available on huge discounts currently on websites like Amazon and Nykaa. If I consider the discounted prices, then I stand to have incurred a loss of money by spending so much on this box.

Having said that, if you want to go ahead and try this monthly subscription, then I would recommend you choose a cheaper box. That’s what I would do at least.


Hope you liked this post and found it informative!

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DISCLAIMER: This product has been bought by my own money and all opinions mentioned are my own.

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