Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polish – Caramel Melt : Review & Swatch

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Hey everyone!

Today’s review is about Lakme’s most expensive and yet most successful line of nail paints – Absolute Gel Stylist range.

Product Description : Gel perfection on your nails is now a dream come true with Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist nail colours. It delivers hi-shine, has great coverage and is available in rich and intense colours. Recommended by Lakmé Makeup Experts, get professional finish gel nails every single time.

Price : INR 400 for 15ml

My Experience: This range of nail paints have been in the market for over 2 years now, most people have tried at least one shade from this range by now. I myself have previously owned 2 shades – Coral Rush and Tomato Tango! Both the shades have been huge hits with me, especially the coral one. There was one summer when I wore that all through the season!!

In terms of packaging, these nail paints come in these bulky cylindrical glass bottles with a wide, matte black plastic cap. There is nothing appealing about the packaging as such, it is quite basic but it efficient and serves the purpose well.


This range has wide, synthetic bristle brushes. I love these brushes because they are really good at swiping through the entire nail bed in one go. It also deposits the color quite well on the nails and reduces the need to layer on the product several times.

The formula of this range is supposed to be its USP. It is supposed to be gel based, without the need to set it under a UV lamp. The consistency is good and it glides onto your nails smoothly without any bubbling.

I appreciate that it does not smell of alcohols, at least not in an over bearing way.

These nail polishes take a bit of time  to dry, at least 2 minutes have to be given between each layer application.

I have been attracted towards more neutral nail polish shades these days, hence, I purchased Caramel Melt. This is the ONLY nude shade in the entire range. I was a little disappointed because it looks much more warm/brown in the online swatches than it turned out to be in real life. Its more ‘café-au-lait’ color than ‘caramel’.

The shade is almost translucent on my nails in one layer and becomes visible enough only on 2nd layer. I had to apply 3 layers for the proper pigmentation to show up.

Gel based nail paints also last much longer (about 3 weeks) than normal nail paints, however, there have been claims in the market of these nail paints lasting for upto 10 days. I would have agreed based on the previous shades I had used. In fact, I have travelled on long vacations wearing Tomato Tango and Coral Rush and they have lasted very well for over 8 days. However, I cannot say the same about this particular shade/batch of nail polish. I don’t know if I got a faulty batch or what, but this time, it did not last on my nails for more than 4 days. I could see chipping on the 3rd day itself.


These nail polishes are easy to remove with any nail polish remover, I personally use a acetone-free one by Sally Hansen.

Over all, I don’t think I would be purchasing this shade ever again as I feel its too light for me. I think the formulae of the nail paints used to be much better earlier. However,  they are probably the most affordable gel-based nail paints in the market right now. If they would produce these in smaller sizes, I would be happy to try more shades!

I would rate these 3.5/5

Hope you find this post informative and helpful!

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