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Nykaa Matte Nail Lacquer : Nutcracker Dreams || Review & Swatch

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Hey everyone!

Today’s review is all about a matte nail paint by Nykaa. Few new shades of nail paints were released by Nykaa in the ‘Nudes’ collection. This shade is called Nutcracker Dreams.

Price :  INR 199 for 9ml purchase from here

Product Description :

Get your nails runway ready with Nykaa’s Nude Matte Nail Enamel Collection. Keep these gorgeous shades on standby for the times when you want a more sophisticated and chic vibe. Presenting tempting nude shades that dry to a stunning matte finish, this collection is dedicated for the ‘It’ girl in you. Bare it all with these gorgeous shades.

Our fashion-forward matte nail polish collection is bound to win every fashionista’s heart with its rich pigments and long-lasting color. From demure pinks to warm, fuzzy browns, our nude matte nail enamel collection has got you covered for the season!

My Experience: So as you must be knowing, is a popular web portal for purchasing lots of feminine things, but mostly for makeup & skincare. They have started making essential makeup items under their own brand name now, and matte nail paints are on those list. In fact, they are the  only ones who sell truly matte nail paints other than Revlon (to the best of my knowledge).

They have a truly vast range of shades to choose from, in fact, the shade range is slowly getting close to my all-time-favorite nail paint brand, Essie.

Unfortunately, they also have an ARMY of bloggers! The army will swatch each and every product of theirs and give raving reviews for each & every product! It OK that they engage bloggers/beauty gurus/influencers to endorse their products, but I wonder if all these bloggers have even truly tried or tested these products! They just feel obligated to give great reviews to all these products so that they keep receiving these products!! What an eye-wash!!

Anyhoo, luckily for you, I am not one of THOSE bloggers! So let me put it down for you as it should be!

The product comes packaged in a frosted glass bottle, that’s as boxy as it can be! The cap is a thin long matte black plastic thing which works well to get a good grip while application.

The brush of this nail polish is made up of decent quality tufts which is wide enough for ease of application in one glide.


This particular nail polish has a strong smell of varnish/thinner, so I would suggest for you to be sitting in a well-ventilated area when you apply it.

The pigmentation of this nail polish is average. I could still see my nails clearly upon application of a single layer. Only when you apply the 2nd layer, you can see the shade in its glory.However, if you apply it in thick layers, then it would disastrous. The layers just don’t gel or glide over each other well and there is a lot of drag.

If applied in thin layers, the product glides smoothly without any tug or air bubbles.

It also dries down pretty quickly from the surface but the deeper layers take a bit of time. So if you put your hands in your bag/pocket or something, thinking the nail paint has dried, you might have to deal with nail polish that has rubbed off. Safest bet is to give it a few minutes before using your talons.

The shade range is really the best part about this product. 8 different shades of nudes!! Nutcracker Dreams is a pinky-brown that would compliment every single skin tone well and would probably go with all your outfits.



Let’s talk about the matte-ness! I like the fact that the product dries down to a true matte finish. It doesn’t look milky or faded, the true shade is shown even after drying down. It stays true matte on me for about 2-3 days only though.

If you are looking for longevity then this product will disappoint you. It doesn’t last on me for more than 2 days maximum, it just starts to chip off on the 1st or 2nd day itself.

The nail polish can be easily removed with a nail polish remover of your choice.

Over all, I think its commendable that the company is giving us a choice of matte nail paints in so many shades. But I think the bottles are a bit pricey. Also, they are only available online on their website, and the quality could have been a bit better, especially at this price point. I would suggest to wait for discounts or use whatever coupon codes you can to bring down the price!

I would rate these 3.8/5

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DISCLAIMER : I am NOT a sell-out blogger who does biased sponsored posts. All products have been bought by my own money & all opinions mentioned are my own.






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