Sleek Makeup Blush ‘Rose Gold’ : Review & Swatch

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Hey everyone!

Today’s post is all about Sleek Makeup Blush in the shade Rose Gold!


Price : 4.99 GBP for 8g 

Purchase from AMAZON here 


Product Description : Our 10 shade strong blushers are highly pigmented and long lasting, giving you an all over even dewy radiant glow.

Our versatile range of shades enable you to create a variety of stunning looks. Blush in Rose Gold is a rosy pink with gold shimmer ideal for all skin tones and offers a golden pink highlight.

My Experience :  Sleek Makeup is a European cosmetics brand known for their high quality products at competitive drugstore prices. I think the most well known product from their brand is their eye-shadow palettes, but their Matte Me liquid lipsticks and highly pigmented blushes are popular too.

The Sleek Blush comes packaged in a chic all matte black plastic compact ( very ‘NARS’ like). It feels very snug in your palms and does not feel like a ‘cheap’ product. It closes securely with a click, opening is a bit tricky however! You have to be able to stick your nail to lever it open.

I love the fact that it comes with a full mirror, i have not seen many high end blushes also coming with mirror! Thumbs up on that!

The bottom of the compact has all the necessary product information on a back sticker with white lettering.


The blush is quite pigmented and has gold micro-glitter. The name ‘Rose Gold’ is quite apt for this, as you truly get a whole lot of rose with a wash of gold shimmer. Swatches of this product are insanely pigmented when picked up with fingers but do not be daunted by that, it sheers out considerably upon application.

I found the application of this blush quite easy with a blush brush/stippling brush. The product is sufficiently picked up onto the brush and blends like a dream on the face. The thing with any face product with micro glitter is the high chance of fall out. Especially if you are using a drugstore product, chances are that the glitter will end up all over your face. Thankfully with this product, that was not the case.


This product is easily build-able in layers. The first layer gives a slight wash of rose with hardly visible gold shimmer, second layer is required to bring out the shade in its entire glory. If you apply a third layer, the gold shimmer will be the predominant shade reflected rather than the rose.

The pigmentation of the product also improves if applied over a foundation base than on bare skin.


I think the shade is perfect for an evening party/ weddings, but the gold shimmer will be too much for  everyday wear/office wear. I think it would suit all skin tones but the shade would really pop on deeper skin people. If you layer it right, there is no need to apply a highlighter with this blush.


The longevity of the blush is where it ( and most drugstore products ) falls short. It appears to be washed out in about 3 hours on me.

The product is easily washed off with soap water.

Now a very important bit of information : This particular shade is touted to be almost an exact dupe of NARS Orgasm blush!

The only down side to this product is its availability in India. Its no easy to find Sleek products anywhere except online, and those too are generally overpriced. The best bet is to purchase it when you are in Europe or to directly order from their website and look for discounts.

Over all, I think this product is an immense value for money. The quality & shades offered for the price are quite a steal. If anyone from Sleep Makeup reads this, please bring your brand to India and I promise you will not regret it!

I would rate it 4.5/5.

I would be posting more pictures wearing this product on my social pages as always, please be sure to connect with me if on Instagram/ Twitter if you would like to see those.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year ! Lets make it count!


DISCLAIMER :All products have been bought by my own money & all opinions mentioned are my own.



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