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The Body Shop Tea Tree Range : Serum + Oil || Review & Photos

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Hi guys!

Today I am reviewing two products from the newly relaunched Tea Tree Range by The Body Shop.

Its a popular range, which has been repackaged and launched with few new additions to it.

I picked up two things from the range : Tea tree oil & Anti Imperfection Daily Solution. Here are my two cents on these products, after daily usage for 2 weeks.

Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

Price : INR 1595 for 50ml


Product claims: A lightweight, pre-serum concentrate that combats blemishes and improves the overall condition of skin.After 4 weeks, skin looks and feels:
Soothed, with reduced redness and imperfections

My experience : This product comes packaged in  signature green,like  all of the tea tree range. Its a large green glass bottle with a dropper as a cap. The outer packaging is a white cardboard box, with clean designing & product details clearly mentioned. I really appreciate skincare products packaged in glass bottles as against plastic as plastic tends to leach into the product and interfere with its chemistry.


The dropper is efficient & precise, with which you can only take out the desired amount of product. No need to tip the bottle and accidentally pouring out more than you need. I feel this is a much more hygienic way of dispensing skincare products. Especially since this range is aimed at people with acne issues, wherein hygiene needs to be of utmost priority.


The product itself is very light & almost watery in consistency. It has a typical fragrance of tea tree oil but it’s not over powering at all.

The changing weather plays havoc on my skin and it tends to become very distressed. I get acne prone and oily on my nose and cheeks and even forehead. Normally i tend to moisturize my skin with Clinique DDMG which works wonders, but I needed something which would defend against sebum build up throughout the day. That’s the reason i picked up this product, which can be used all over the face, twice daily.

The sequence to applying this product is : Cleanse > Tone > Daily Solution concentrate > Moisturize > Sunscreen

I generally take about 4-5 drops and apply all over my face ( not eyes & lips of course ) and neck.

It absorbs very quickly & skin feels supple after use. There is no tackiness at all.

After 2 weeks of use, my skin feels :

  • smoother
  • soothed
  • less oily in the T zone ( and hence, lesser acne )

However, it had almost ZERO effect on my blemishes & sun spots, yet. It also has no remarkable effect on existing acne.

Over all, I like product for making my skin feel a little ‘mattified’, however, I would not recommend this product  if clearing blemishes/sun spots/melasma is your first concern.

I would rate it 3.75/5

Tea Tree Oil

Price : INR 695 for 10 ml / INR 1295 for 20ml (SuperSizer)


Product Claims: Targeted care for blemished skin. Can be used direct on skin.
• Soothing
• Has antibacterial properties
• Does not dry out skin

My Experience : I love Tea Tree oil in general, I have been using it from different brands for several years now. This is my first time using the Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop.

I appreciate it comes packaged in  a glass bottle, but i LOVE that they have replaced the old cap with a cap with safety lock. Anyone with little kids in the house would know how important & useful this feature is!!

The mouth of the bottle has a vacuum-drip mechanism for suspension of the product. It reminds you of a homeopathic medicine bottle! But the mechanism is highly effective, as it will suspend only a drop at a time. And a drop is all you really need.


This oil is meant for spot application over the acne or redness you may have on your face. So you need to take a drop of this product on your fingertips and apply it over the target area.

What sets this particular oil apart from tea tree oils of other brands is that this is suitable for direct application on the skin. Otherwise, tea tree oil needs to be diluted before putting on the skin. But this one is a diluted form tea tree oil, I think also contains some lemon oil and other carrier oils which makes it safe for direct application.

It has a mild fragrance which is quite soothing to me.

It does not feel heavy or sticky like a traditional oil.

Coming to its efficacy, I do think it helps in reducing the inflammation around acne and also helps in preventing one. If i feel a pimple is going to pop up on part of my face, i apply this oil over there and it helps with the puffiness, redness & pain.

As far as blemishes are concerned, I don’t think this is very effective in banishing them completely. But i dont think tea tree oil is meant to lighten blemishes anyways.

Following are the ways i put this oil to use :

  • put a few drops in bathing water for its anti-bacterial properties & banish body odor
  • spot treat acne
  • soothe insect/mosquito bites on self and even my kid
  • put a few drops in a foot soak water bath to banish foot odor
  • add a few drops in my hair oil for its anti-fungal properties ( to prevent dandruff )
  • add in diffuser oil ( keeps mosquitoes at bay )

Since i get so much use out of it, I have bought the super-sizer edition of this oil, and i think I may run out of it soon!

Over all, I really love this product from TBS & i will repurchase it again & again!

I would rate it 5/5. Its truly a super hero!

I would like to mention that I purchased both these products from The Body Shop India website & the service was surprisingly efficient!

Have you tried any of these products or the any other product from the new Tea Tree Range??

Do share your experiences with us!






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