Sugar Twist & Shout Fadeproof Kajal in 01 Black Velvet : Review, Photos

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Hey guys! Today’s review was highly requested and I tried very hard to get it up as soon as possible.

I will talk about the SUGAR Twist & Shout Fadeproof kajal that i received in my FAB BAG of the month of September. 

Price :  INR 399 for 0.35gm

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Sugar Twist & Shout Fadeproof Kajal in 01 Black Velvet : Review, Photos


Let your eyes do all the talking with this sensational Eye Pencil & Kajal from SUGAR. Just twist the easy applicator and rim your eyes with its intense black formula and you’re good to take on the world. With a specially-designed anti-slip grip gives you a super-steady hold, its creamy consistency & preservatives-free formula makes it suitable for the waterline as well as the lash line. This high-performance multi-use product combines the benefits of a kajal with those of a gel eyeliner and does not fade or smear for more than 10 hours.

A single product with the power of two, this power-packed kajal is enough to create the makeup look you desire whether you want to keep it simple or smokey. It gives a black velvety finish that is long-lasting & completely fade-proof so you can enjoy the night (or day) and not worry about smears or smudges.

The SUGAR Twist & Shout Fadeproof Kajal is free of mineral oil, preservatives, paraffin & parabens. Does not require any additional sharpener. Made in Germany.

My Experience:  Before I begin this review, you should know (especially if you are new to my blog) that i have very sensitive eyes with little oily lids. Most drugstore eye pencils don’t suit me, they cause my eyes to itch or are just too ‘smudgy’.

Ok, so I have heard a lot about Sugar Kohl pencil, mainly from bloggers, whom they sent PR samples to. Most of the bloggers do such PR assisted reviews or paid reviews these days, so it’s really hard to believe what they say.

So, when I received Sugar Kajal pencil, my expectations were low. As you have read above, they have tall claims.

I am sharing my honest opinion with you, because I do not do paid or sponsored reviews.

The packaging of the product is quite eye catching. All their products come packed in this graphic print cardboard box. I like the fact that they have paid this much importance to packaging each product even with drugstore prices. The actual kajal is a two way, twist up automatic pencil. It has a special rubbery grip for you to hold onto the pencil steadily,this is something i really appreciate! Also, the lid has a cool slant top to it! Full marks on packaging!!

The kajal itself has optimal thickness for everyday use. It will not make very precise wings though.

The formula is supposedly gel-based, but it’s free of parabens and other chemicals and is safe to use on the lower lash and waterline. I can vouch for this as my sensitive eyes did not have any issues with this product. I faced no redness or allergic reaction.

The consistency is good, it is not the softest one I have seen but still quite comfortable. It glided smoothly and does not separate or tug/pull on the eyelids. With age, the skin becomes loose and dry. So we need a kajal pencil that is soft & smooth enough to apply consistently. This product fared well in this front too.

Sugar Twist & Shout Fadeproof Kajal in 01 Black Velvet : Review, Photos

The pigmentation of this product is decent. It did not swatch to be jet black on my hand. Even on the eyes, I need at least 2 layers for the opacity to build up.

The kajal pencil has decent longevity. The brand claims a fade-proof application for 10 hours. While i do not agree to that, I would say I was impressed with its longevity for a drugstore product. It did not fade away for good 6-7 hours on a normal day and resisted smudging as well. But on a particularly hot & humid day, it smudged at the corners of my eyes and transferred a bit onto my crease area.

Sugar Twist & Shout Fadeproof Kajal in 01 Black Velvet : Review, Photos

To remove this product completely, you would need an oil-based makeup remover. It does not wash off entirely just with soap & water.

Sugar Twist & Shout Fadeproof Kajal in 01 Black Velvet : Review, Photos

Overall, I would say I was quite impressed for the quality being offered at the price point. It may well be the only satisfactory drugstore long lasting kajal that has suited me in a while. Plus points for the product being vegan & cruelty-free! I would not say it’s better than the high-end kajals like MAC but it is a steal at this price!

I would rate it as 4/5.


Have you tried this product?

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