Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Patchouli & Fresh Rose Liquid Body Cleanser : Review

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Hey guys!

Today’s review is of a liquid body cleanser by Kiehl’s from their Aromatic Blends line.

Price :  INR 1600 for 250ml

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Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Patchouli & Fresh Rose : Review

Product Description :

  • Transforms into a rich, lathering foam to gently cleanse and condition skin.
  • Formulated without sulfates and proven to provide 24 hours of skin softness
  • Scent : Refreshingly clean and vibrant woodiness with a slightly sweet edge, sustainably harvested and sourced in Brazil. A complex and fresh petal-like Rose Centifolia aroma, remarkably close to the actual rose flower.

My Experience: 

If you have read my previous reviews of any Kiehls items, then you know that i have had a good experience with them. But frankly, I have only tried their skincare products. The main reason being that their stuff is expensive and I dont mind splurging on good skincare but I dont like to spend too much on bath & body items.

Over my last visit, the SA at the store suggested I try their body care items too, as they are also quite popular. So I chose a travel size of this little body wash as my reward item ( you get reward items if you refer friends and they buy something ) .

At first I didn’t think much of it as i dont really like most body washes in general. And also, I had just received a Forest Essentials body wash in Indian Rose. So, i thought this one cant be much better than that!

But, I was wrong and let me tell you why!

Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Patchouli & Fresh Rose : Review

Firstly, when you pop the lid of this little plastic bottle, you are not overwhelmed by the scent. But when you lather it up, your entire washroom smells divine! The fragrance of this particular body wash is one of the most unique blends I have ever come across. It’s a heady mix of strong,uplifting spicy patchouli notes with an underlying soothing,dreamy, soft floral rose scent. Coming to think of it, these two types of scents ( spicy & floral) are poles apart. I dont know how, but by some kind of magic, Kiehls has managed to marry these two notes into a match-made-in-heaven kind of fairy tale!

Second thing that took me by surprise was, how gentle yet effective cleanser this product is. Let’s be honest, a product can be all fancy & smell delicious, but if it doesn’t do what is actually supposed to then it’s just trashy. This gives a nice, clean feel after wash,but not the ‘squeaky clean’ type. It will not remove oils from your skin completely. To that effect, I think this is better suited to people with dry/normal skin and would be especially ideal for use in winters.

Thirdly, I also love the fact that it lathers well enough but is also easy to wash off. You know you get the kind of body washes/sorbets which tend to ‘cling’ to your skin even after you splash water on yourself.. when you need literally 3 buckets to get the body wash ‘film’ off you?! I hate when that happens. This product does not do that at all, it can be easily washed off once you are done cleansing.

And lastly, I love the fact that you need just a few drops of this for cleansing off your entire body. So a little will last you a long while!

I have used it with a loofah and just as is. In my opinion, it lathers well either ways.

Overall, I would really recommend this product to anyone with a sensitive/dry skin or anyone who is looking for a new body cleanser to try or even for gifting purposes. Trust me, you would be pleasantly surprised! I love the scent, I love the cleansing effect and I love the Kiehl’s no-frills, clean packaging!!

I would rate this a 5/5. Highly Recommended.

Thanks for reading!

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