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MAC Matte Lipstick in Lady Danger : Review, Swatches, Photos, Dupes

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Hey guys! Today’s review is much requested! It’s all about MAC Matte lipstick in the very popular shade Lady Danger.

MAC Matte Lipstick in LAdy Danger : Reviews, Swatches, Photos, Dupes


Price: INR 1450 for 3gm

Product Description :  The shade is described as ‘Vivid bright coral-red’ in signature matte finish

MAC Matte Lipstick in LAdy Danger : Reviews, Swatches, Photos, Dupes


My Experience : Whenever i have a dull day, i rely on a bright lipstick to instantly cheer me up! There is no doubt that lipsticks are my most favorite makeup products. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but i literally decide my wardrobe around the lipstick i want to wear that day! Give this post a thumbs up if you are like me!!

I recently purchased this particular lipstick even though i had been lusting after it for long. But i have a policy to buy not more than one lip product a month, because you know, i cannot just survive on lipsticks and makeup, i got to feed my family too, & i need that  money!!

Anyhoo, let’s begin with this break down!

The product comes packaged in the typical MAC packaging, all black everything!

The outer cardboard box has all product details in white lettering. The lipstick is housed in a bullet shaped frosted black plastic tube, with a thin silver rim and product branding in silver lettering. So minimal and so chic! The bottom of the lipstick tube has the product name etc mentioned on a white sticker.

IMG_5667 (1)
MAC Matte Lipstick in LAdy Danger : Reviews, Swatches, Photos, Dupes

The lipstick tip has this beautiful drop shaped tip, I love it for it’s functionality as it really helps in defining the cupid’s bow area, especially for people like me who have an non-existent upper lip!

The product has a lovely faint vanilla scent, and no taste to it.

Let’s talk about this shade! This is a warmer orangish red, or is it reddish-orange?! Nevertheless, MAC never disappoints when it comes to shades (they have more than 200 shades of lipsticks). i am not the kinds who can wear a straight-up orange (something like Morange), i always need a hint of red to go along with that orange. However, most such lipsticks that i have tried previously even from the drugstore, end up looking more Red than Orange on my lips. That’s what’s unique about this lipstick. The red does not overpower the orange, just enhances it.

MAC Matte Lipstick in LAdy Danger : Reviews, Swatches, Photos, Dupes

This lipstick would look lovely on all skintones but it is especially well-suited to medium/olive/tan/deep skin tones. I think this one is made for us girls of color!

{ I am a NC35 foundation shade in MAC for reference }

This lipstick also has pigmentation packed into it, just like all matte lipsticks from MAC. The color-payoff is phenomenal! One swipe is enough, two swipes look vivid and multiple swipe are unnecessary. If you do more than two layers, in my opinion, you are just wasting product!

The consistency is so good that i forget i am applying a matte formula. It glides on the lips and so forgiving  on dry &  chapped lips like mine. It does not enhance dry//chapped areas of the lips, instead , it provides slight hydration and somehow helps in soothing the chapped parts.

NOTE: For the benefit of this post, i have applied the lipstick on un-exfoliated bone dry lips, there is no balm underneath.

MAC Matte Lipstick in LAdy Danger : Reviews, Swatches, Photos, Dupes

I love the new matte formula MAC has come up with. Its very creamy, very comfortable to wear and yet very long-lasting.

The longevity is as usual top-notch. I get an easy 6-7 hours out of this lipstick in this freaking hot weather. If i eat something really messy like spaghetti then i have to touch up my lips. Otherwise, this stay put and gives a light stain to the lips. This is not smudge-proof or kiss-proof or water-proof but imparts enough stain to the lips that you don’t really need a reapplication. They come off easily with soap & water however, full proper removal, you need to use a makeup remover.

DUPES : I am sure you will find several lipsticks in the drugstore close to this shade but nothing quite as vivid and long lasting.


The closest lipstick to this shade-wise in MAC is Dangerous in Retro Matte finish. They are almost identical when applied on lips, even though that one is slightly more orange.


I have also done a swatch comparison here with MAC Chili (matte), just because Chili is my most favorite burnt orange shade (It’s also the most popular post on my blog ever). Chili is my comfort zone, my ‘wearable orange’. So the swatch comparison is to show you just how much more ‘bold’ Lady Danger is.

MAC Matte Lipstick in LAdy Danger : Reviews, Swatches, Photos, Dupes


Over all, you know it already! 5/5 🙂


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