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The Body Shop Baked Eyeshadow Duo & Shimmer Waves : Review, Swatches & Photos

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Hi everyone!
Today’s I am going to discuss some products by The Body Shop that i have been using for over a year now. The products are TBS Baked eye shadow duos and Shimmer Waves.
The Body Shop Baked Eye Shadow Duos : Copper & Starlight : Review, Swatches & EOTD
Baked Eyeshadow  Duos in 01 Copper & 06 starlight

A shimmering eye shadow duo, slow-baked on a terracotta disc for up to eight hours of color. Can be used wet for added intensity.
• Two iridescent shades
• Lasts for up to eight hours
• Use dry or wet
• Dermatologically tested
• Ophthalmologically tested

PRICE : INR 1295 FOR 2g
MY EXPERIENCE : Let me begin by saying that I am not a big eye shadow person, eye shadows are not my thing. The only eye makeup i truly bank upon would be eyeliner. However, for those few special occasions, i do like to jazz up my eyes a little bit more. Hence, i thought of trying these basic shades from The Body Shop (TBS).
We all have heard of or tried the extensive range of body care products from TBS, but they have an entire range of cosmetics and makeup tools that often gets neglected. My first ever mineral foundation powder was from TBS and i loved  the fact they make organic, cruelty free cosmetics. The quality was top-notch too, hence i felt confident in investing in these eye shadows from TBS for my sensitive eyes.
The Body Shop Baked Eye Shadow Duo 01 Copper : Review, Swatches & EOTD
The Body Shop Baked Eye Shadow Duo 01 Copper : Review, Swatches & EOTD
I was told by the Sales Associate that baked eye shadows are always better quality and more long lasting while being gentler on the skin, so i thought of giving it a go.
These come packaged in a transparent circular plastic cases that click shut. The dome lid had TBS logo and the bottom has product details mentioned on a sticker.
The Body Shop Baked Eye Shadow Duo 06 Starlight : Review, Swatches & EOTD
The Body Shop Baked Eye Shadow Duo 06 Starlight : Review, Swatches & EOTD
These are two toned hand made eyeshadow discs. Both the shades are iridescent, they are made of micro-glitter. Even with so many tiny glitter particles, they are quite smooth on swatching and applying.
The 01 Copper eyeshadow comprises of a copperish-gold shadow with a complimenting bronze-copper shade. Its perfect for all those Indian outfits!
The 06 Starlight shade is a cool silver shade with a complimenting shimmery charcoal black shade. The would work perfectly for a smoky eye effect!
The Body Shop Baked Eye Shadow Duo in Copper & Starlight : Swatches
The eyeshadows look insanely pigmented when swiped on fingers. However, the actual swatch on the arm is lighter. You can see on the arm swatch that these shadows are mostly glitter.
They are even less visible on the eye lid, especially when applied with a brush. The eye shadow brush just doesn’t seem to pick up enough pigment. Upon using a wet brush (sprayed with MAC Fix+) the do intensify a bit, but just not enough.
There is considerable fall-out of the glitter while applying over the eyelids. After building up several layers of the product, the eye shadows give a beautiful shimmery eye look and blend into each other easily.
The longevity of these is not more than 3-4 hours on my eyelids, after which they start to almost vanish. With a eye primer, the longevity increased to about 6 hours for me.
As all baked eye shadow products, these would shatter into pieces if dropped on the floor. They are not very travel friendly.
The Body Shop Baked Eye Shadow Duo : 01 Copper : EOTD
The Body Shop Baked Eye Shadow Duo 06 Starlight : EOTD


Shimmer Waves 

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves : Coral :: Review,Swatches & Photos

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Five shimmering shades for face and cheeks in one neat compact. Use them together or individually • Five shades • Shimmering • For face and cheeks • Dermatologically tested

PRICE :  INR 1595 FOR 8.5g

My Experience : Ever since Bobbi Brown came out with her Shimmer Bricks, every other brand jumped at the concept and came out with their variants!

Shimmer Waves are TBS’s dupe of the BB Shimmer Brick and it comes in 3 shades – bronze, blush & coral.

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves : Coral :: Review,Swatches & Photos

The Coral shade of Shimmer Waves contains 5 different shades in a eye-catching wavy design packaged in a transparent plastic square compact.  All 5 colors are different shades of peach and coral. This particular shade is most suitable to medium skin toned people with warm undertones.

One of the best parts about this product is its versatility. The 5 shades can be used individually or together as eye shadow, inner corner of the eye highlight, brow bone  highlight as well as face highlight!

The shades are quite iridescent, though one cannot see any obvious glitter in it. The are milled very finely and are not gritty at all to touch.

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves : Coral :: Review,Swatches & Photos

They swatch beautifully on the finger tips,but when swatched on hand or applied to face, they form sheer, rose-gold shimmer which looks subtle yet stunning!! It is subtle enough to be suitable for use in daytime but can be built up a bit to give a good-enough cheekbone highlight in the night as well.

Even you like in-your-face, blinding cheek bone highlights then this product is not for you. Its more muted and underplayed and gives a natural , glow-from-within sort of look.

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves : Coral :: Review,Swatches & Photos ( Used as cheek bone & bridge of the nose highlight )

Longevity of this product is quite good if layered over a foundation, it has easily lasted on me for more than 8 hours. Its longevity depends on the foundation or face primer its used with.

This product seems to have a harder outer layer to it, which wears of over the months you use it. I use it with a stippled brush as a regular brush doesn’t pick up enough product.

Once the outer layer wears off, it gets much easier to pick with product with a brush.


Over all, the eye shadows have a good glitter finish but the longevity and pigmentation are a bit disappointing, especially for the price. However, they can be excellent eye shadow toppers/ eye pigments used over another shadow like MAC paint pots. I would rate them a 3.5/5

The Shimmer Waves are excellent face highlights for that subtle natural glow, it has been an essential in my vanity bag and would continue to get more love! I would rate it a 4.8/5


The Body Shop makeup is worth checking out and one can certainly find some hidden gems!One can find them at great offers & discounts too! So wait for a good offer and save some bucks! Share your experiences of the TBS cosmetics if you have tried them!

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