Fab India Cocoa Butter Bathing Bar : Review

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Hello everyone!! Hope your holidays were super fun! I have been in a food coma from all the goodies ingested during the hols during my travels and my kid is enjoying his extended vacations..all in all its a very laid back environment at my home right now, hence the lack of posts! Nothing can make me move a finger in winters!!

So, i am here today to share with you something that has been helping me enjoy the holidays just a little bit more, Fab India Cocoa Butter Bathing Bar!!

Price : Rs  75/- for 100g

Ingredients :

Fab India Cocoa Butter Bathing Bar

My Experience :

If you have been reading my posts, you know i love anything that is natural and organic! I had switched to natural, hand made bathing bars about 10 years ago as my skin is sensitive and the synthetic ones tend to make my skin very dry. Fab India is  a well-known Indian brand which brings Indian artisans from all over the country together by packaging and selling their products directly to the consumers. The products go through thorough check ups and have to meet International standard before they can be put up for sale. They have a vast range of products from apparels to home decor to Organic India eatables.

Fab India Cocoa Butter Bathing Bar comes  packaged in a plastic film with a paper label describing the product and mentioning necessary details.

Upon unwrapping, you are enveloped with a rich fragrance of pure cocoa,simply divine!

The soap  itself is a hand cut bar which you can make out with its rough edges.

Fab India Cocoa Butter Bathing Bar

The beauty of the product lies in its hydrating properties. Delhi winter can be brutal on the skin and i for one, have a very dry skin. I was told by the SA that cocoa butter is more hydrating than the Shea Butter and i am glad i chose this. The soap lathers up well and gently cleanses the skin. The entire bath smells like chocolate! It makes you feel cosy and fuzzy just by the fragrance.

It doesn’t strip the skin of its natural moisture. However, i didn’t find it adding considerable hydration to my skin ( that could be because of my skin being extremely dry ) but makes me feel comfortably supple to the effect that i don’t feel the need to immediately lather myself with a body butter.

This soap does not cause any allergies to my super-sensitive skin and that’s a big relief.

Over all, i have been quite enjoying the bathing experience with this bar and anything chocolate-ty is my bae! Its good enough to eat! The price point makes it even more attractive!

I would rate it a 5/5.

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