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MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack : Review

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Hello everyone! I am back after a few days of festivities here in India. Today the product i want to share my views about is MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack.

Price : US$ 16.50 / Rs1100 for 0.35g

MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack Review , Swatch and Photos

Product Claims : A mechanical pencil style liner with a soft and creamy formula and intense color.

My experience with the product

So first things first, if you are an Indian (or from the middle east for that matter), you know you love kohl more or less like you love your mummy!! You think you need it like the air in your lungs and you go into respiratory distress if you can’t locate it in your vanity bag! I am pretty much like that! If it’s only one thing i would use before stepping out then it would be my trusty kohl. And honestly, i have had people ask me if i am unwell if they see me without kohl!

So of course the Indian make up industry also knows this about us gals and hence, the market is flooded with kohl & kajal pencils priced from Rs50 onwards.

And if you are a kohl junkie like me,you would have tried most of them! Well, i have. So when i say that this might me the best thing i have put on my eyes.. you should listen up!!


The packaging of the product is classic MAC and oh-so-chic. It comes in a black cardboard box like most MAC products and the kohl itself is housed in a sleek black pencil in a twist-up form. It is retractable, which means if you twist up way too much, you can twist it right back into the pencil casing.. which is not the case with some gel based pencil kohls from MAC. And mechanical pencil means no sharpening required so that saves a lot of product and less messy. Also, you can easily travel with it without bothering about carrying a sharpener along.

The consistency is the softest and smoothest one i have come across. It feels sooo cushiony that you almost forget you are applying a pencil. No tugging at all. Super comfortable! It blends easily if you are going for a smoky look. It can be applied at a 90° angle for a thin precision line and for a thicker application, you have to apply at a flat angle.

The color payoff of this kohl is phenomenal. Now dont be fooled by some of the reviews you have read before, it’s not the blackest of black you will ever come across. But, in a single swipe, it’s still very very good for a non-gel product.

Furthermore, it comes in 37 shades!!! You can’t ask for more!

MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack Review, Swatch & Photos

The kohl is smudge proof as the company claims. Once it is set, it does not budge. So i agree that it is long lasting. In Fact, it is the most long lasting pencil kohl i have ever used on my oily lids.

It is sweat proof (gym safe) and survived the hot n humid Indian summer! ? But it is not completely waterproof. So if you apply soap and try to rub it, some of it will fade. Personally i don’t like to use waterproof products on my eyes because i have to rug and tug with makeup remover to remove it and i end up loosing some lashes. So water resistant works best for me.

To completely remove it,you have to use an oil based makeup remover.

The BEST thing about this kohl is that it is completely non allergenic. My eyes are really sensitive and would get red after few hours of kajal application. But this product just does not cause any redness at all. It is completely safe to wear by contact lenses wearers and can be safely applied on the waterline too.

MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack Review, Swatch and Photos

Overall, I am in loveee with this product. I reach for it every single day for the last 3 months and i can see myself purchasing it over and over again. It is a bit pricey but its MAC you know. I would rate it a 4.9/5. (if only it were the blackest black).

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Disclaimer : This product has been purchased by my own money and i am not sponsored in any way to review it. All opinions mentioned are my own.

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